A close look at our first-ever online Annual Members’ Meeting

Posted by Rob Smyth | 18/06/2020 | Category: Community

Normally, twice a year, our Society holds 12 Members’ Meetings across our trading estate to help us keep in touch, provide updates on our financial and community success, answer questions and allow Members to vote on important issues.

However, in these uncertain times, this was not possible this year so, at 7pm on Wednesday 17 June, we held our first-ever online Annual Members’ Meeting.

Thanks to everyone who logged on and took part. And, for those that didn’t, we have put together a quick recap of what you might have missed.

Looking back on 2019

Our president Elaine Dean opened the meeting before Chief Executive Debbie Robinson then thanked colleagues, Members and customers for coming together as a co-operative community during these uncertain times before talking about her time with the Society since taking on the role last year and the changes she has put in place since, including the exciting look and features that now form part of our brand-new stores.

Louise McFadzean, our Chief Financial Officer, offered a close look at our financial results from our Annual Report before a special film created to showcase our highlights from the past 12 months was debuted.

Want to find out more about the past 12 months? View our Annual Review here.

Society Secretary Jim Watts then led a question and answer session which touched on topics such as future plans and direction for the business.

Members then took part in the first-ever virtual vote featuring seven different proposals.

Want to know the full results of the votes on the night? CLICK HERE to find out the results in full.

How we supported our communities and reacted to COVID-19

Society Vice-President Jane Avery introduced a film created to highlight the changes made as a business due to the Coronavirus and how these, and the work of our colleagues, have supported our communities.

A further question and answer session tackled issues such as the support available for colleagues who have faced threatening behaviour, future plans to work with other co-ops and if we plan to extend out our call and collect shopping service.

We are currently working through all of the questions received before and after the meeting and will be posting an online update in the coming weeks updating our Members and customers.

Looking to the future

Chief Operating Officer Tracey Orr introduced the final film of the evening, which focused on the future plans for the Society.

If you missed the event and want to watch it you can view the entire meeting by CLICKING HERE and entering your 18-digit membership number and surname.  

We want to say a big thank you to everyone for taking part and having their say during our first-ever online Annual Members’ Meeting.

If you have any feedback, please take part in our online survey

If you want to find out more about membership, please CLICK HERE

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