Central England Co-op shines a light on its efforts to educate and inform

Posted by Heather Clapton | 24/04/2018 | Category: Community

Whether it’s talking to youngsters about healthy eating or teaching our members about the history of the co-operative movement, the Society works hard to make a positive impact when it comes to education.

Through our Member and Community Relations Officers and Membership and Community Councils, nearly 4,000 youngsters learned about Healthy Choices and Fairtrade during the past year.

Our Healthy Choices Workshops allow children to take part in a range of hands-on activities such as making fruit kebabs in an effort to learn more about food labelling, portion sizes and not wasting food.

Fairtrade is a key part of our Ethical Challenge Workshops, where youngsters learn about the importance of paying farmers and food producers a fair price for their work and helping to provide decent working conditions for their families and communities around the world.

The learning doesn’t stop there as the Society also operates Co-operative Masterclasses which teach older children about co-operative values and principles and how they can be used to create and support modern businesses.

To find out more about the great work we do, visit www.centralengland.coop/your-co-op