Destination Glenfield - Week 2

Posted by Nathan Lloyd | 18/01/2016 | Category: Community

Our Glenfield supermarket is undertaking quite the transformation.

Over the next 12 weeks, we will be making some exciting changes to the Glenfield store to deliver a greater variety and new shopping choices for our customers.

Ruth Preston, Store Manager, and her team, will be giving you an update every week on how these changes are progressing.

We enter week 2 of the development and we chat with Roy, a team leader at the Glenfield store.

So Week 2, what's the latest Roy?

"This week see's us settling into our new temporary space and facing the interesting challenges this brings us.

It is going really well and the progress in store has been amazing.  Behind the scenes a huge amount of work has taken place already and it is really interesting to see the work being done daily and the structure taking shape.

We are also ensuring full availability of products for our customers, which is really rewarding.

A flexible approach from the Store Team means we are confident that we will be able to maintain a great service during the next 6 weeks of Phase 1 whilst we are in the smaller space.

It really is a credit to all involved that the refit is going so well.  I am looking forward to being involved in the new ranges, new departments and a whole new "Destination Glenfield" feel to our great store."

Join us next week to find out more about the exciting developments at destination Glenfield!   And if you have any questions regarding the developments, you can contact our team via Twitter using the hashtag #DestinationGlenfield

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