Destination Glenfield - Week 3

Posted by Nathan Lloyd | 27/01/2016 | Category: Community

Our Glenfield supermarket is undertaking quite the transformation.

Over the next 12 weeks, we will be making some exciting changes to the Glenfield store to deliver a greater variety and new shopping choices for our customers.

Ruth Preston, Store Manager, and her team, will be giving you an update every week on how these changes are progressing.

We enter week 4 of the exciting development and we chat with Wendy, a team leader at the Glenfield store.

So Week 3, what's the latest Wendy?

"The refit is still going really well, there is a huge amount of work taking place and everything seems to be running smoothly and to plan.  Last week we saw new flooring installed which looks brilliant!

Recently the windows and trolley bay graphics have been added which are excellent in informing our customers of the exciting changes which are taking place.

We have also been looking at recruiting for our new delicatessen which is scheduled to open on the 16th February and we are currently advertising for new colleagues.  We are all looking forward to having the new deli instore with the new fresh fish,hot food,baguettes,pizzas and salad bar.

It has been interesting to see how colleagues and customers have adapted to our smaller, temporary store.  We have had positive reactions and comments from both and it has certainly helped having greeters at the door offering maps to all our customers.

From Thursday 28th January, our SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) will be in use to engage with our customers and inform them of what's going on instore over the next few weeks.

It is exciting to see such a major refit taking shape and I am really looking forward to seeing how it all looks when fully completed."

Join us next week to find out more about the exciting developments at destination Glenfield!   And if you have any questions regarding the developments, you can contact our team via Twitter using the hashtag #DestinationGlenfield

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