Horsing around at Christmas with Horsley Woodhouse Primary School

Posted by Heather Clapton | 18/12/2017 | Category: Community

To celebrate a Co-op Christmas, Ellie is dressing Conker in his finest Christmas outfit to give gifts to the children from a class at the local primary school. The school, Horsley Woodhouse Primary, will be bringing some of its 4 and 5 year old pupils over to the store to get their gifts from Conker the Christmas horse on their return from a trip to the pantomime. In return, they will be giving him a bag of carrots for himself and to take to Santa’s reindeer, so they have plenty of energy for Christmas Eve.

Ellie said: ‘I am so looking forward to dressing him up for Christmas to see the children.  It is such a great time of year anyway, but to be able to add some of the magic of Christmas for the children is going to be great. Conker is a great pony and will definitely enjoy the carrots for his efforts.’

Store Manager, Paul Robinson said: ‘We all love having Conker as a customer here, and for Ellie to join in with this is brilliant. Conker is a well-known face at the store and we are all so pleased that he will be able to add to the Christmas magic for us to do something for the children is brilliant.

‘We will be presenting some Co-op Golden Stockings following the event to people in the area who have been actively doing good deeds in the community of Horsley Woodhouse, as a part of our #beingcoopy Christmas campaign where people are rewarded for being active community members. I am so proud to be part of a business that does so much for the people in the area.’  

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