My Co-op Community Website Launch

Posted by David Thompson | 05/01/2015 | Category: Community

Happy New Year everyone! At Central England Co-operative we are celebrating 2015 with the launch of our new communities’ website My Co-op Community.

A mobile and tablet friendly experience, you will find all the information you need on how we can potentially support a community project that’s close to your heart with our Community Dividend scheme.

Discover why Central England Co-operative could potentially help your project with an overview of our Corporate Responsibility strategy, the charities we support and how else we make a difference to local communities, including food bank support and work experience opportunities.

As well as finding how much we have invested in the last 12 months to help good causes, you can browse a selection of case studies on some of the recent projects we have supported and read more about how we have previously assisted with the funding, marketing and technical support needed to get these community projects across the line.

If you think your local community could benefit from a project that requires assistance with funding, check if we can help fund it.  We will also provide you with the necessary guidelines for your project to be eligible for a community dividend award, the four broad types of projects we support, the budget parameters and when applications will be judged.

After checking our application requirements, we have a web application form for you to fill in and submit in order to apply for funding (your details, organisation details, referee details and funding information). A member of our community team will then get in touch to discuss your project.

However, monetary assistance is not the only way we help communities to help themselves and bring projects to life – sign up for free membership on My Co-op Community and you’ll get access to a range of free and useful toolkits, including advice on writing a newsletters, project management and how to set up social media accounts. By entering your postcode, you will also be able to personalise your experience, seeing all the latest details on projects and events in your area.

And if visit our blog you will find regular updates on community initiatives across our trading area.  You can also get involved on our social channels, including Facebook and Twitter (#MyCoopCommunity), by sharing your views, stories and discussing our projects.

For more information on how we fund projects in your local community and how Central England Co-operative could help you reach your goals, head over to the brand new My Co-op Community website today.