New Look Oakham - Week 2

Posted by Nathan Lloyd | 23/02/2016 | Category: Community

Our Oakham store is going through a make over.

To celebrate this transformation, we will be talking to different people from the store.  This is the 2nd week of the make-over and  we chat to Kimberleigh, a Team Leader at the 'New look Oakham' store.

So Kimberleigh, tell us the latest goings on at Oakham, "Our 'New look Oakham' store is starting to look fantastic. This week all the new graphics, and lighting rafts have been installed, which really bring each department to life and have transformed the look and feel of the store.

The new fresh fish and premium deli counter have been a huge hit with customers, who have given us fantastic positive feedback about the local products available on the deli and the addition of the fresh fish counter.

Colleagues and customers alike are excited about M & Co who will soon be joining us at Oakham.  Shop fitting has now begun and we can see things really starting to take shape.  Merchandising will start towards the end of this week ready for opening on our launch day of Friday March 4th.

It's really great to have seen the store change over the last few weeks.  Everyone has worked really hard to deliver a fabulous result, which we are really proud of."

Join us next week to find out more about the exciting developments at Oakham.  And if you have any questions regarding the developments, you can contact our team via Twitter using the hashtag #newlookOakham

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