Newlife local - our bid to help raise £1.5 million for disabled children

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Central England Co-operative has supported Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children for just over four years and in that time colleagues have fundraised by jumping out of planes, running marathons, climbing mountains, dressing up and generally doing all they can to increase awareness of the vital work that Newlife does in the community the Society serves.

Every pound raised for Newlife goes directly back into the community it has been donated from. 

So, if you help to raise £100 in Leicester, then Leicestershire families will benefit from life changing equipment that allows children with disabilities and serious illnesses to live better, more fulfilling lives.

So far Central England Co-operative has raised 1.2 million for Newlife – but the Society is not going to stop there, it has pledged to raise a total of £1.5 million by the end of the fundraising relationship – so the race is on for the year ahead.

Central England Co-operative Chief Executive Martyn Cheatle said: “Our partnership with Newlife has been extremely successful.

“The dedication of the Society’s colleagues, members and customers has meant that we have been able to raise a significant amount of money and build a strong relationship along the way.

“As a community retailer and responsible business, it has been great to know that every penny raised as part of this charity campaign has gone to improve the lives of families in our trading area.

“The success of our relationship gives me the great pleasure of being able to announce that we are going to continue to support Newlife and in doing so hope to reach a fundraising target of £1.5 million.”

Three-year-old Riley Allen, who is on the Autistic Spectrum and has challenging behaviours, has been handed a major boost after being presented with a specialist buggy thanks to the link-up between Central England Co-operative and Newlife.

Riley, from Branston, Burton on Trent, has no awareness of danger, and when the world around him becomes too stressful he will run off, putting himself at risk.

With Riley having grown out of his standard pushchair and nothing larger available through high street stores, mum Melanie Allen urgently needed specialist support so the family could get out and about so she contacted Newlife.

The youngster now has the specialist buggy he needs and outings like trips to the park are back on the family ‘to do’ list.

Melanie said: “He had outgrown his old pushchair so his feet were dragging on the floor. Also, I was constantly worried about him wandering off so I would always hold his hand – but sometimes you just need two hands to do things, like pay for items in a shop.

“Now we have the larger buggy we can ensure he is safe and secured by a harness so that he cannot wriggle out of. The buggy makes him feel safer too, which helps when he is getting stressed by the world around him.

“It is definitely helping us to get out and about more as a family, which is important because that has a positive impact on his two brothers as well.”

Newlife Chief Executive Sheila Brown said: “This has been an amazing partnership, helping us to support so many in urgent need.

“Without this level of support from Central England Co-operative some of these children would have gone without the equipment altogether and many more would have had to wait months or even years just for an assessment of their needs.

“I would like to thank everyone at Central England Co-operative for their renewed support, which will continue to make such a difference to young lives.”

To find out more about Newlife visit or pop in to your local store to make a donation, Central England Co-op have collection points in Retail stores and run regular fundraising events throughout the year.

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