Six of the best recipes to accompany the Six Nations Rugby

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Six of the best recipes to accompany the Six Nations Rugby

Considered one of the most important tournaments in the rugby calendar, after much anticipation the Six Nations is here again. The event is an integral part of the winter sporting calendar, when we can all join together to cheer on the teams and follow the action live in hope of a home nation victory.

Wales have already beaten Scotland, Ireland snatched victory against France and England enjoyed a clear victory over Italy. Games will continue until the middle of March when a winner will be crowned.

If you’ll be watching the match at home, we’ve got six of the best recipes with inspiration from each nation, so you can feed the fans while they watch the players feed the scrum.

For the England matches, go for a traditional winter warmer with our Lancashire hot pot recipe to replenish everyone’s energy after the match.

Support Scotland by popping some Irresistible Scottish Salmon in your basket next time you’re in store and wind down from the match with some simple but delicious fish cakes.

We’ve got everything you need to make a delicious Irish Stew to accompany the Ireland match so try your luck with this scrummy one-pot dish that you can pop in the oven for an hour and have ready when you need something to tackle the hunger created by all the excitement.

For a tasty lunch or snack, pick up a taste of France with a baguette from our in-store bakery and enjoy something a bit more exotic than a bacon sandwich by surprising your army of fans with Creamed Leek Bruschetta with Crispy Bacon and Mint.

A classic Italian dish, risotto is always a winner but can be time consuming to make as you stand over the pan and stir, stir, stir until it’s done. We know that you won’t want to take your eyes off the match, so try this easy version which involves minimal preparation and can then just be popped in the oven while you join in the cheering.

If you’re going round to a friend’s house to watch the Wales matches, with a little planning you can have a steaming stew made with delicious lamb ready and waiting for your return. Our slow-cooked, Spiced Lamb Neck Stew will take 6 or 7 hours on a low heat or in a slow cooker, but only takes a few minutes to prepare and will be well worth the wait.

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