The Big Freeze – October 2015

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Something cool is happening in Birmingham...
and you're invited!

The Big Freeze – October 2015

In the UK we waste 4.2million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year, costing us a massive £60 every single month. One million tonnes of that was good food and drink being wasted without a bite even being taken. So do things differently and be a freezer hero!

In partnership with Love Food Hate Waste and the 10 cities project we are working on educating our local communities on food waste reduction, and highlighting how you can get the most out of your freezer.

Join us on Friday 16th October at The Big Freeze Victoria Square Birmingham, for an interactive day of cool activities and intriguing facts - all designed to help people make the most of their freezer and enjoy mouth-watering meals, made by mixing and matching fresh and frozen food. You’ll leave the event shivering with refreshing knowledge and brain freezing top tips for you, your family and friends to enjoy!

We will be supporting the event by giving the local community freezer tips, a chance to win £200 with a freezer friendly quiz, a colouring competition for the kids to enjoy, freezer recipes and much more!

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Don’t forget that any community group can access free Love Food Hate Waste workshops. To find out more contact Emma Barnett from WRAP by emailing:

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