The Great Round Pound Hunt - Top 11 Places To Find Old Pound Coins And What To Do With Them

Posted by Heather Clapton | 02/10/2017 | Category: Community

The old style ‘round’ pound will be taken out of circulation from 15th October, losing its status as legal tender. Central England Co-operative has come up with the top eleven places that these pounds may be hidden in your home and a great idea for what you can do with them.

The Tardis Sofa
You can always find a huge selection of lost items in the sofa. Lift the cushions up, you may find some money there, as well as the odd remote control, cat toy, old slippers or a toaster.

Automobile Bank
The car is a great place to find coins. With so many compartments and floor coverings there is always a treasure trove of lost items, like that can of de-icer you lost three years ago. Check the places where you keep change for parking, as there is a high chance of the old pound coins being hidden amongst the occasional sticky sweet.

Pockets of Money
Make sure you check the pockets on all your clothes. They are a haven for loose change with no real home.  Shake the items in your wardrobe and listen for the delightful jingle of money to appear.

Drowned Pound Found
Most people will understand that sinking feeling when you realise there are rogue coins in the washing machine. That clink, clink, scrape noise as the drum spins around, and you know there is nothing you can do about it until the cycle is finished. Check the trap at the bottom of the washing machine, and make sure there are no round pounds mixed in with those you find.

Pocket Money Pounds
Piggy banks, money boxes and secret tins. Temporarily snaffle them from the kids to check that their pocket money doesn’t include any round pounds.  Swap them for a shiny new one and see their little faces light up.

Purses, Wallets, Old Handbag
We all have them, cluttering the bottoms of wardrobes and closets. Some are in perfect working order, some have broken straps or clasps. One thing you can guarantee is that they will all have some remnants of money left behind in them. Go rootling for the round pound, and use it as an excuse to declutter.

Drawers are prime candidates for housing those items, bundled into the category of ‘stuff’.  Once you have removed the ‘stuff’, there is guaranteed to be a stash of old coins amongst the remainder. For those that aren’t round pounds, why not donate them to Dementia UK?

Jar of Change
We all have that jar. It sits, lonely somewhere in the house and every so often, if you remember, a few coppers from the bottom of your pocket or purse are thrown into it. Make sure that is all that is in there, and check through for any round pounds that have sneaked in.  You could always count all of it at the same time, and turn it into useable funds.

Gym bag
Lockers usually cost £1, so you can always find a spare pound in your gym bag. Make sure you have a look before the 15th October.

The Travelling Pound
Travel bags and suitcases are a great place to have a look for the travelling pound. Change from holiday centres and airports can always be found in the bottom of your travel bag or suitcase, so make sure you scrabble around before you go away.

Kids Schoolbags
Old lunch money could be harbouring those pesky pounds. Once you have asked the children, and they have told you the standard ‘they can’t find any’, have a look yourself and see how many you can turn up.

If you don’t manage to find yours by the 15th October, why don’t you put any rogue round pounds to good use, by donating them to charity? Central England Co-operative is partnered with Dementia UK, a national charity that supports those living with dementia and their families, with Admiral Nurses, and the Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline. Dementia UK provides vital support seven days a week, and is a lifeline for many people.

The calls to the helpline alone have increased by 50% in the last year, so support is desperately needed to recruit additional nurses to the service.