Top tips and top products as kids get set to head back to school

Posted by Rob Smyth | 31/08/2016 | Category: Community

From the lunch box fillers to classroom supplies, this useful list of school essentials will get your little one ready for his or her first day in education.

1. Rise and shine. Mums and dads can give their youngsters a great pre-school boost by giving them a hearty breakfast of Shreddies or Warburtons Crumpets.

2. Lunchtime fill up: Make sure youngsters have enough energy to get through the day with a perfect packed lunch. Choose from a selection of crisps with a Walkers Variety 14 pack for just £2 and pick up a loaf of Kingsmill Bread for £1 – choose from Great White, 50/50, Soft White, Tasty Wholemeal, and Toastie.

3. Break-time booster. Pick up a selection of snacks from Capri-Sun 10x200ml for £2 or some Soreen Malt Lunchbox Loaves for £1.

4. Classroom Starter Pack. Ensure your child is top of the class by picking up a range of guides on subjects from Maths and English for youngsters aged three all the way up to 11. Parents can pick these up for just £2.

5. Home Sweet Home. Boys and girls can keep track of their learning at home with the help of a special My Wall Chart. These can be snapped up by parents in Central England Co-operative stores for £5.

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Central England Co-operative has also come up with five top tips to ensure the idea of youngsters heading to school does not become a nightmare for parents.

1. Create an entry/exit area: Near to the front door place a bin, coat hook and some plastics cases for children to hang up their bag and coat and store their dirty shoes and empty lunch box. This can then cleared up and refilled in the evening ready for the next day.

2. Organised bedroom: Ensure that dressing for school is as seamless as possible by putting place dividers in the wardrobe for each day of the week.

3. Stain solution: Put in place a laundry bin for darks and lights and a special little bin bag for any rubbish left in pockets.

4. Key date calendar. Create an area in a well-used part of the house that can be used to collate school paperwork such as letters and timetables so that everyone can see it.

5. Bag tags: Putting a name tag in a bag is nothing new, but why not put add room for a list of all the items that should be in the bag that can be easily checked.

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