The 100 wackiest Cat & Dog Pet Names – Part 2 (Dogs)

Posted by Nathan Lloyd | 09/06/2014 | Category: Corporate

In part one of this blog to celebrate National Pet Month (April 1st – May 5th) I chose my favourite 50 wackiest cat names after scouring the cat-dominated internet.

Attention now turns to man’s best friend, the humble pooch and the incredible breadth of weird and wonderful dog monikers chosen by people around the globe.

As with the marvellous moggy, for every sensible owner that calls their dog Max or Rocky, there will be someone who prefers the more off the wall selections of Ziggy Pop or Cheeto Bear.

And as with the cats, the 50 oddball selections of dog names are in no particular order below; after all, although I may feel that Peanut Von Strudel is peculiar, perhaps it isn’t as off-the-wall as Fudge McDreamy?

If you have a favourite or you own a tail-wagger with an unusual name, we would love to hear from you and you can get in contact via the form below.

Here are those extrodinary doggy names:

1. Doogie Schnauzer MD
2. Al Poochino         
3. Fruitloop           
4. Little Scrappy           
5. Bunny Money Dogg
6. Ziggy Pop
7. Tuff Buckaroo                     
8. Sir Knuckles da Dragon
9. Boogie Woogie            
10. Santa Paws
11. Whiskey Valentine    
12. Hot Rod Whoofington
13. Mr Cashew Maghoo                
14. Cheeto Bear        
15. Monster Truck Mickey
16. Nacho Cheese      
17. Bunny Money Dogg
18. Fudge McDreamy
19. Tugboat O’Malley   
20. Tutu Blossom Petunia
21. Bunny Money Dogg
22. Peanut Von Strudel          
23. Senorita Margarita               
24. Vienna Sausage      
25. Agent 99
26. Nigel Nosewhistle         
27. Chew Barka        
28. Spark Pug            
29. Stinker Belle    
30. Furnace Hills Dante
31. Trigonometry
32. Vito Meatball
33. Otto Itchy Bobo
34. Ziggy Stardust Floyd
35. Dandy Lion
36. Pawly D
37. Jelly Diamondstein
38. Fuzzbrizio
39. Miss Snowy Pineapple
40. Fatboy Jackson
41. Prince Harry Houdini
42. Tuff Buckaroo
43. Zoolander
44. Barder Mienhoff
45. Floating Camel
46. Bronx Bunny                
47. Dodgy Wodgy Scnookum Doodle                              
48. Scootacious P. Fruitwinkle       
49. Beowoof             
50. Otto F Domesticus

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