Celebrate British Tomato Week with Central England Co-op

Posted by Heather Clapton | 22/05/2018 | Category: Food

We are inviting customers to help us celebrate British Tomato Week 2018 by sharing some mouth-watering statistics about the fruit (yes, it is a fruit).
As we begin to hit the high season for tomatoes, our figures reveal that we sold a staggering 248,034 packs of British tomatoes sold in May last year.

The most popular month for sales in 2017 was June, with sales of over 280,000 packs. Total sales of British tomatoes in 2017 were over 2.4m packs, which was a slight decline on 2016 with over 2.8m.

This year, tonnes of tomatoes are ready to be distributed from the Central England Co-op hub in Leicestershire to stores across our trading estate throughout the summer.

The tomato can be used in cold and hot foods, can be served raw or cooked and is used as a base ingredient in many sauces and dips. 

A world without this round red fruit is one that would lack a lot of taste. Chilli con carne, lasagne, pizza, salads and many more of our favourite meals just would not be the same without a lovely British tomato.

As the season hits full swing, you can be sure that Central England Co-op stores will be full of delicious tomatoes, which are grown by producers in the UK, are fresh and juicy and available for your summer of togetherness with friends and family.

Tomatoes can be picked up in our stores from just 59p a pack.

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