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Posted by Rob Smyth | 28/06/2018 | Category: Food

Mix it up
This year we have a selection of great products to mix in with your salads.
Co-op Piri-Piri Chicken (£2.99, 350g) is a popular option for all the family alongside Co-op Pizza Fries (£2.99, 330g), a relatively new idea, but one that is gaining in popularity. 

Korean BBQ Pork (£2.99, 350g) is something a little different for those looking to expand their horizons. Co-op Middle Eastern Flatbread (£2.99, 215g) is a great accompaniment to any meal or buffet and can go with most other items to create a spicy twist. 

The season of salad
As the weather heats up, cooked lunches often fall by the wayside and this is when salad comes to the fore. Our stocks are stocking some tasty ready-made salads including Black Rice & Lentils with Rainbow Salad (£1.60, 230g), Smoky Bean Salad (£1.60, 250g), and Red Quinoa Broccoli & Soy Salad (£1.60, 250g) to give your taste buds an infusion of flavour.

Add a little extra
We have a selection of products to make your summer meals that little bit more impressive. Kalamata Olives with Herbs (£2.40, 140g) will wow your guests, as will Tapas Skewers (£2.40, 100g). Sweet Potato Falafels (£2.40, 160g), Feta & Spinach Parcels (£2.40, 110g) and delicious Chicken & Chorizo Empanadas (£2.40, 90g).

Time for a Dip
Dips are a summer staple, and we have some great ones to make your dinner come to life. Hummus Stackers (£1.50, 162g) cover all tastes for chickpea lovers in a handy stack system. 

For those who fancy something a bit different Pea & Mint Dip (£1.20, 170g) and Aioli Dip (£1.20, 150g), while the Salad Dip Selection (£2.00, 360g) has traditional dips in a platter ready to put straight on the table for all to enjoy

Fun in the sun
After enjoying some tasty treats, why not unwind with some great games in the garden? Giant Hopscotch (£10.99) is great for all the family, as is Giant Dominoes (£12.99). Friends can  embrace their competitive spirit with the Family Tennis Set (£14.99), Lawn Darts (£12.99), Wooden Rounders’ Set (£12.99) or the Wooden Limbo Game (£18.99). 

Keep up to date with all our amazing offers this summer at www.centralengland.coop/summer 


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