Entertain your kids this summer with Central England Co-operative

Posted by Stephanie Forrester | 14/07/2017 | Category: Food

Ice Lollies
Easy to make and a really cool way to get the kids in the kitchen, ice lollies make sure kids get an extra dose of fruit in their daily diet. Our recipes for strawberry, blueberry and raspberry lollies are delicious: https://www.centralengland.coop/food/recipes/desserts/berry-ice-lollies

Make your own play dough
All you need is a cup of flour, a cup of salt, half a cup of water and some food colouring. Mix them together and knead to have the perfect putty for your young ones to create their works of art. They can paint it when it’s dry too!

Treasure hunt with treats
Hide treats around the house or garden (depending on the weather!) Make it a game and devise a riddle for the location of each treat, or give different points for different treats and see who wins when they’ve all been found.

Visit the park
There are many local parks around, so find your local one and take the kids for a family picnic. Grab a rug, some great food and drink from your local Central England Co-op, and a ball and you’re good to go. Tip: pack their food in individual boxes with their name on, to save any arguments over who has the last sandwich, cake or biscuit!

British Rock Cakes: great for all ages, rock cakes don’t have to look perfect and allow kids to get messy in the mixture. https://www.centralengland.coop/food/recipes/baking/british-rock-cakes.  

Get them gardening
Help your kids with their green fingers. Pick up some compost and seeds and get gardening. It could be a range of herbs for the kitchen windowsill, or a section of the garden designated just for them to grow something pretty or useful.

Let them shop till they drop
If your kids are older, get them to plan the meals for a week, make a list and send them off to do the shopping at your local Co-op. They’ll learn responsibility, some useful planning and budgeting skills and at least you know they will like what’s for dinner!

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