Fun ideas to keep the kids entertained this Easter

Posted by Heather Clapton | 04/04/2017 | Category: Food

School holidays are a time we all remember; with long sunny days spent outdoors (I am sure it was always sunny). Easter equals chocolate and the resulting excess energy to burn.  So, by this time of year, kids were always in the garden, or riding bikes frantically around the block.

We didn’t realise at the time how much effort our parents used to put into our holidays, finding activities to keep us entertained, but as parents now, it’s up to us to think of ways to amuse our own brood over the holidays.

Here are a few suggestions parents can try to distract the children over the Easter holidays.

1) Make your own play dough
Using flour, salt and water with added food colouring can save money on playdough and its fun. Make your own at home with the kids and add the creation of the playdough to the game.

2) Papier Mache masks/ hats
Water, glue and imagination are the ingredients for this. Get your and your children’s creative juices flowing

3) Collages & Mosaics
Make family time with a collage of pictures to create something new with the kids. Mosaics are a great way to add some education into the mix

4) Make a kite
Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height! They show you how to do it in Mary Poppins. Watch the movie, go fly a kite. Some wood, string, card and a windy day should do it.

5) Baking
This covers absolutely everything. Biscuits, cake, bread, dinner. Teach your child the basics and make dinnertime fun.

6) Make a dolls house
Big cardboard box, colouring pens, dolls and imagination.

7) Make a tent or hidden den in the garden
Weather dependant this is a great one. Think Swallows and Amazons, only maybe with more health and safety 

8) Treasure hunt with treats
Children will enjoy the challenge and love finding hidden treats. Make the fun last longer with a quiz question for each hidden treat.

9) Make a mini crazy golf circuit
Cardboard, tubes, yoghurt pots. So many things from the recycling pile can go into this. Sketch out a plan in the garden, then build it and away you go. Best of all, the items used to make it go straight into the recycling bin, which makes tidying up afterwards so much easier

10) Camp out in the garden
Camping is exciting, especially with friends. Set up a tent in the garden; provide midnight snacks, torches and plenty of warm blankets

11) Star gazing
Add some education to a beautiful view, and calm the kids before bed with some stargazing and learning about the constellations

12) Gardening
Add some interest in gardening and growing fruit and veg by helping them to start a small flower or veg garden.

13) Become a nature detective
Bugs, birds, insects, spiders and creepy crawlies are great things for the British garden and its ecosystems. Learn about them and what benefit they have to nature. This can also stop early fears of creepy crawlies if kids understand the valuable jobs they do in the garden

14) Visit the park
There are so many in the UK, so make sure you get out for the day with a good picnic

15) Paper flower crafting
Intricate and beautiful, find your crafting skills in the forms of origami. It doesn’t have to be artistic, but have a go anyway.  It’s fun and the children will enjoy it.

16) Sandwich art
Make making lunch more fun with sandwich creations to amuse and entertain everyone, how about vegetable faces or peanut butter smiles?

17) Make a pinata
A cereal box can have a new lease of life by turning it into a pinata. Cover it in tissue paper and fill it with sweets, before adding some string to hang it off something. Advice would be to make sure it is pretty robust so it lasts a while

18) Geocaching
Geocaching is a great idea that really helps children with local knowledge, as well as teaching them navigation. Download the app and go on a hunt for the caches that are in your area. If you are holidaying in the UK, it is still an option as the caches are all over the UK. Geochaching for the app and all the details

19) Go to the local library
The local library has many events going on over the holidays, so make sure you check it out to see what is going on in yours

20) Cinema Trips
Although not the cheapest of our ideas, the cinema is always a good one as there is always a film out for the kids at this time of year