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Posted by Nathan Lloyd | 09/05/2016 | Category: Food

It's National Sandwich Week and to celebrate we will bringing you a daily blog from a different contributor.  

First up its Rosie, who takes us through a tasty vegetarian creation combining sandwich thins and mozzarella:

"Having previously managed the payroll for a very large food manufacture of about 100,000 sandwiches a day many years ago, the invitation from the Central England Co-Operative to create a great sandwich combination using tasty ingredients that could be found in your local store to celebrate National Sandwich week was was right up my street!

As the weather has been very changeable recently, including snow, hailstones, ice, wind and sunshine (and all in one day too!) I decided on a combination of a hot, toasted, sandwich and a lovely salad to go with it. I bought a variety of ingredients including a pack of sandwich thins, Mozzarella cheese, tomato pesto, mixed salad leaves, beautifully sweet Piccolo tomatoes, sweet baby peppers and some delicious mixed root vegetable crisps to make my lunch.

  • After preparing a really quick salad using the leaves, peppers and tomatoes, I simply tipped some of the root vegetable crisps into a small bowl and set about preparing my toasted sandwich.
  • Drain the Mozzarella and slice about 5mm thick.
  • The Sandwich Thins are pre-sliced so it’s very quick and simple to separate the two halves.  Place a couple of generous teaspoons of the tomato pesto on one side of the bread.
  • Spread the pesto over the bread into a relatively even layer.  Repeat with the other sandwiches as required.  I made two for lunch today; one each for my husband and myself.
  • Tear the mozzarella slices into strips and cover the pesto.  I’ve left a small gap around the edges to stop the cheese oozing out (and being wasted) on to my sandwich press. Top with the other half of the Sandwich thin.
  • Preheat your sandwich maker (I have an Antony Worrall Thompson for Breville flat sandwich press that I’ve had for many years).
  • Place your sandwich onto the sandwich maker and close the lid.
  • Toast for a few minutes until the top is nicely browned and the mozzarella has started to melt.
  • Slice diagonally using a sharp knife.
  • Serve with a helping of salad and some of the root vegetable crisps.
  • Tasty (the sandwich that is!)"

Join us again tomorrow for some more fantastic sandwich creations.  You can find all the offers for this on our #mycoopdeals page, which you can click here.

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