Our Guide to a Gorgeous Garden Party

Posted by Stephanie Forrester | 30/06/2017 | Category: Food

Decorative touches

Once you have invited your guests, setting the scene for your party is the first step. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination, but simple things like flowers on the tables, children’s windmills dotted around the garden, and lights or candles to take your event into the evening create a party atmosphere


Don’t bite off more than you can chew…

To make sure your party is a success, keep things bite-sized - think little sandwiches with the crusts cut off, and not too much filling. If you want to go beyond offering simple sandwiches - serve food that’s easy to eat. If you’re not big on preparing and cooking food, or the thought of planning the party makes you feel hot and bothered, Central England Co-op has a fantastic outdoor eating range with surprising flavours. Try

  • Salt Beef and Horseradish Bites 160g £2.75
  • Chimichurri Chicken Bites 158g £1.99
  • Hog Roast Bites 160g £2.75
  • Irresistible Continental Meat Sharing Platter with Olives and Cheese £10.00
  • Lime & Mango Salsa Coconut Tortilla Chips 150g £1.79
  • Irresistible Pork and Black Pudding Rolls 4x50g £2.79
  • Scotch Bonnet Chilli Scotch Egg 113g £1.00

If you want to serve food that’s great hot or cold, you can’t go wrong with pizza. Move on from Margherita and try serving our Spicy Chilli Beef Pizza (395g £3.00) or Irresistible Chimichurri Blackened Chicken Pizza (235g £3.00).


Get creative

To make your food choices more interesting, present them in different ways. Make fruit kebabs more attractive by cutting the fruit into shapes with cookie cutters e.g. stars and hearts. Pineapples, apples and different kinds of melon work well for this, teamed with strawberries, kiwi and grapes. Rainbow plates of vegetable sticks look attractive too. Serve them with a range of dips and salsas from our range.

If you’re going for some creative ideas for the table which will go down well with the kids, try a fairy theme. You can easily make novelty savoury toadstools by topping boiled eggs with tomatoes and piping with dots of mayonnaise or salad cream. For sweet versions try large marshmallows topped with strawberries and dots of squirty cream.


Cake time!

Every garden party needs great cake. If you like the traditional options, try making the classic Victoria Sandwich with our recipe: https://www.centralengland.coop/food/recipes/baking/classic-victoria-sandwich. If you aren’t much of a baker yourself, but want something that looks and tastes great try our Carnival Cupcakes (£2.00) or serve slices of our Blossom Cake – a pretty and delicate angel sponge (£10.00).


Stay cool

Ice Lollies are a hit with kids at a party, and who could resist these pretty watermelon sorbet lollies (£1.50 for 3).

If you want the adults to get in on the cool treats too, why not make your own? Try making classic Pimm’s, but cut the fruit and cucumber into smaller pieces before freezing in lolly moulds to make grown-up popsicles.

If you’re serving cold drinks, it adds a nice touch to make your own fun ice cubes. Use fruit juice or for a really sophisticated twist, freeze a single berry or sprig of herbs such as mint or lavender into the cubes.


Keep calm and have a cuppa

Finally, tea is a must for any quintessentially British garden party. If you usually use a mug, put it to one side and get out the cups, saucers and a proper teapot. Choose from our great range of Fairtrade teas and perhaps go for something different – a nice Assam or Earl Grey for instance.

Whatever you do, Central England Co-op is just around the corner for everything you need to have a great garden party.

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