Choose the world you want. Choose Fairtrade.

Make a few small swaps to your shop this Fairtrade Fortnight, and help make a big difference.

We’ve been working with Fairtrade for more than 25 years. From teas to wine, chocolate to bananas, and even washing up gloves, you’ll find plenty of Fairtrade products in our stores.

Why not change just one thing to Fairtrade next time you shop with us? It’s an easy way to support the people who produce the things we love.

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade makes sure the people who grow, harvest and pack our food are paid fairly, treated well and have a safe place to work.

This year, the Foundation is also highlighting the extra challenges brought about by climate change, as well as the effects of the global pandemic.

By choosing Fairtrade, you help give farmers and workers more control over their lives. You give them the power to make their own decisions about their futures. You help stop the exploitation of people and the planet. Your choices matter, and they really can change lives.

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