Simple giving this spring

Celebrate the Simple Things

This spring is all about a renewed appreciation for the simple things in life. And one of the simplest needs for everyone is to have enough food in your belly.

Unfortunately, there are many people who can’t easily afford to feed themselves and their families. That’s why we have a long-standing relationship with FareShare Midlands, to help put food on the table of more families across the region.

This spring, we’ll be donating 5% to FareShare from the sales of our Irresistible range to help support the people within our community.

We also donate our unsold best before and non-food goods to the FareShare distribution centre, which are then delivered to those in need. We’re now donating the equivalent of 4,460 meals a day or 22,132 a week – resulting in over one million meals a year.

“We’re now donating enough food to create over 22,000 meals a week, supporting over 3,000 people in need. The process ensures that food is sorted, collected and delivered to good causes such as community kitchens, breakfast clubs and hostels”
Hannah Gallimore, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Central England Co-op

“The combined effort between us and Central England Co-op has ensured that thousands more people across our region have access to perfectly edible food that would otherwise be wasted”
Simone Connolly, Director, FareShare Midlands

So next time you’re in store, why not swap something in your basket for an Irresistible product? It’s a simple way to help those in your community who really need it right now.

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