You couldn’t have the guide to the ultimate feast-ival without adding some top tunes and ideas for fun. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, and let’s all enjoy a little bit of our creature comforts while we do so!

Outdoor Games

Turn off the computer console, and step into the great (or small) outdoors. There is plenty of fun that can be had with either a few value for money outdoor games that you can pick up at your nearest convenience store, or make up some of your own.

By adding a small creative twist, you can recreate some of the athletic games or football matches we will be missing, so why not try alternatives such as the long jump, keepy uppy and beer pong to keep your skills in check.

The Festival

Make the most Summer

The Ultimate Guide To A Backyard Feast-ival

Here are a few creative ways to make our house and garden into a sizzling summer ‘Feast-ival’

A blanket is a must-have for your summer soirées.
Create a YouTube video playlist
Make the most of light, warm evenings by eating outdoors.
Learn how to make a cocktail here
Your local Co-op has beer, lager and wine in the refrigerator, for that last minute party
A barbecue is more than just the way you prepare your meal, it’s about getting people together.
Feel-good fashion. Dig out your best weekend outfits
Sign up for Tik-Tok. Download the app to your smart device.
Remember to create memories. Take a few snaps of your garden ‘staycation’ to look back on.

Summer Tunes

When we think of all the special moments we’ve experienced, they’re often tied to certain songs or albums that were the soundtrack to our lives. We love music because it lifts our spirits and can be the difference between a good night out and a great night out.

In the summer of 2020, life is looking very different for most of us. If your summer vacation is now a garden ‘staycation’, we’ve put together an A-Z of 26 sizzling summer tunes on Spotify. It’s the soundtrack to your very own feast-ival! Have a listen here and let us know what you think…

The Music

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