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Sport brings us together and what better way to celebrate the Games than cooking (or baking) a dish from the nations that are competing. 

We’ve got a few ideas here to get you started… Enjoy!


Australia - Lamingtons

No shrimps on the barbie here! Lamingtons are traditional Australian bakes, filled with cream, jam and coated in a chocolate icing then rolled in coconut. These are enjoyed with a good cup of tea.

Source: BBC Good Good - Lamingtons


Canada - Nanaimo Bars

It’s a running theme here, like Australia, Canada has a soft spot for these moreish custardy sweet treats. A little more grown up than the Lamingtons and go very well with a coffee.


Source: BBC Good Food - Nanaimo Bars


India - Chicken & Prawn Curry

Did you know that India is ranked #4 in the all-time Commonwealth medal table, with over 500 gold medals?! 

India’s cuisine is well known for delicious, aromatic spices, so we’ve got a delicious Chicken & Prawn curry recipe we highly recommend:


New Zealand - Kiwi Burger

We’re all familiar with classic burgers, but have you ever tried a Kiwi burger? 

It’s a classic beef burger but with a twist – adding beetroot, a fried egg and all the fixings. Sounds like a winning combination to us!

Source: Ang Sarap - Kiwi Burger


South Africa - Bobotie

Pronounced ba-boor-tea, this is the much loved national dish of South Africa. It’s a little like moussaka, filled with delicious curried meat and topped with a creamy baked topping

Source: BBC Good Food - Bobotie


Kenya - Githeri

Githeri is a Kenyan traditional dish made from maize and legumes, mostly beans of any type mixed and boiled together. Once the maize and beans are mixed, water is then added and the dish is then cooked until the food is ready

Source: whats4eats - Githeri Recipe


Nigeria - Jollof Rice

This versatile dish is an everyday treat or a celebratory feast. Smokey and spicy, stewed in a tomato broth. There are so many combinations with this dish. Many people around there world would see this as a side dish but in Nigeria it’s the centrepiece

Source: Eleanor's Dish - Jollof Rice


Malawi - Mtedza

Pronounced mu-ted-za, these melt in the mouth snacks are rich but delicious. Made from peanuts this cookie from Malawi is a popular treat and you will find them in many shops and stalls along the road. ‘Mtedza’ means peanut in Chichewa, one of the major languages in the country.

Source: Global Table Adventure - Malawi Peanut Balls

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