Easter Recipes

Easter is nearly here, and while we won’t be holding big family get-togethers this year, there’s no reason not to create a great lunch or sweet treats.

This might be the year to try some new things, or a simpler meal using less ingredients. Who knows? They might just become your family’s new tradition.


Roast Lamb

The traditional meat for Easter, and one that allows for lots of different styles of cooking. So instead of just your usual roast, how about one of these?


Lamb Boulangere

This is a simple, one roasting tin way to use a leg of lamb and get tasty potatoes and gravy all ready to go straight to the table. Add some seasonal veg, and that’s lunch done. Just the decision to make over who’s doing the washing up.



Lamb & Apricot Tagine

Bring some exotic flavours to the table with a tasty lamb tagine. Colourful and flavoursome, you could serve this with couscous, flatbreads or pitta bread, and perhaps hummus, pomegranate seeds and some flaked almonds.



Lamb & Spring Onion Stir Fry

For a quick and light option, try this simple stir fry. Packing in lots of flavours, it goes well with any rice you’ve got in the cupboards. Try noodles as an alternative and have a slurping good time!



Simnel Cake

The traditional Easter cake (and we’ve got a great recipe here for you), but if you’ve not got lots of dried fruit already in, then how about some delicious alternatives?



Easter Lemon Cake

For something fresh and zingy, try this Easter Lemon Cake. Lots of lemon flavours plus two simple types of indulgent icing, this is bound to become a tea-time favourite. In fact, it would be a shame to save it just for Easter!



Marbled Chocolate Easter Cake

Easter means chocolate to lots of us, so here’s a great way to get some extra chocolate into the day. This looks very impressive when you cut into it, but is based on a classic sponge cake mix. Great to do with the kids as you put the different splodges of batter into the cake tin.



Easter biscuits

The traditional recipe is made with currants, with some parts of the UK adding oil of cassia up until recent times. If you want to go with an updated version of the traditional, then Mary Berry has a good recipe involving lemon zest. We’ve taken a slightly different approach though, which are bound to be a hit with kids, big and small.



Iced Easter biscuits

Perfect for an activity with kids, these are a simple but delicious biscuit recipe that’s quick to make. Once they are cool, then it’s time to let rip with those artistic tendencies. Dig out any cake decorations you have lurking in the cupboards. We all need sprinkles at the moment!



Hot Cross Buns

If you’ve still got flour, then this might be the year to have a go at making your own hot cross buns. Try our traditional recipe here.


Fancy switching it up a bit? BBC Good Food has a version with chocolate chips which we love the sound of! Try that here.



Whatever you’re cooking this Easter, we hope you all enjoy celebrating in whatever way you can. If you try one of these recipes, send us your photos to feature in our weekly round-up.

Share your Easter dishes with us so we can see how busy you’ve been!

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