Grandma Pizzas

We love pizza! That’s why we went all the way to New York to create the toppings and recipes that make our new York Inspired range taste so good.


Say hello to Grandma; the long, square pizza new Yorkers love. First served in Long Island in the 70s, it’s softer, crisper and baked on a tray – like the ones Italian-American Grandmas used to make. Long square and easy to share, with sauce, cheese and toppings piled high to the edge, every bite is fully loaded any way you slice it, no crust, no waste, just perfect pizza the New York way.


The Manhattan Five Cheese

Made and served New York style, our Manhattan give cheese Grandma pizza is served with a five cheese feast of double mozzarella, mature cheddar, red Leicester and Monterey jack for maxium melt and flavour.



Philly Cheese Steak

Loaded with beef, sliced green peppers and red onion and topped with a creamy cheese sauce, our philly cheese steak grandma pizza has all the taste of a true american classic.



Spicy Buffalo Chicken

Our hot and spicy buffalo chicken pizza is loaded with a spicy hit of buffalo chicken and hot sauce, topped with sweetcorn and a creamy blue cheese dressing. 



Hot Honey Pepperoni

Our hot honey and pepperoni grandma pizza is loaded with pepperoni, jalapenos and chilled-spiced honey sauce for a sweet hit of spicy heat and big meaty flavour.



Head down to your local store and pick yourself up a box or two yourself. 



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