Healthier Snacking

We all love snacking, but it’s such a shame it’s so unhealthy, isn’t it?

Well, not anymore! Our range of healthier snacking options means you can finally enjoy a treat between meals without feeling guilty.


Graze Flapjacks

Made from whole rolled oats and bursting with flavour, these graze flapjacks are a delicious pick-me-up. Whether you need a pre-workout kick or a mid-afternoon protein boost, we’re sure you’ll love these healthier treats! Choose from zesty lemon or tasty cacao flavours.



Nakd Snack Bars

Got a sweet tooth but trying to stay healthy? Then keep reading!

Juicy dates, crunchy cashews and a burst of natural flavours make up these delicious vegan-friendly bars. Whether your choice is chocolate-orange or you’re crazy for caramel, you’ll love these natural sweet snacking alternatives!


Energy Boosts

Apple & Cinnamon Oat Bar

With apple, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a smattering of seeds, our delicious whole oat bars are a fabulously fruity snack idea for those early mornings and long afternoons. Why not try one for breakfast?

Coconut & Peanut Butter Dippers

Ah, peanut butter – one of the most underappreciated healthy snacks of our time! Packed with protein and healthy fats and low in sugar, this versatile spread works wonderfully with the refreshing crunch of our crispy coconut dippers.


Dried Fruit & Nuts

Fruit & Nut Mix

Fruity? Check. Crunchy? Check. High in protein and fibre? You guessed it! This eclectic snacking option ticks all the boxes – perfect for breakfast or to keep you going between meals.

Banana Chips

Love bananas but keep forgetting to grab one on the way out? Make sure you’re always stocked up with a bag of these deliciously healthy chips, perfect for snacking, breakfast or dessert.

BBQ Chilli Mix

If you’re looking for a savoury snack with a healthy serving of spice, we think you’ll love this punchy packet of flavour. Crunchy corn and a medley of protein-packed nuts with a sprinkling of paprika and chilli make this a perfect snack to rescue you from mid-afternoon hunger.


Start snacking healthier today - click here to find your nearest store and pick yourself up a few of these delicious energy boosts!

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