Ice Cream

Novelty Ice Cream Cones

Put a bit of extra sparkle in your summer with these fun frozen treats. Whether you’re keeping the kids cool in the sun or just feeling fabulous, our novelty ice cream range is sure to bring some extra summer joy to the occasion!

Available in two delightful flavours and bursting with colour - choose between Rainbow 'Uni-cones' or Mer-mazing ice cream treats. See what we did there?


Good as Gold Healthier Ice Cream Tubs

Want that gym-honed summer body but still fancy a treat? No sweat - we’ve got a couple of delicious low-calorie ice cream options that’ll make you sit-up and take notice! In luxurious Salted Caramel or mouth-watering Cookie Dough, these delicious treats are packed with protein and make no compromises on flavour.


Frozen Chocolate Sticks

Is there anything that beats the luxurious taste of cold chocolate on a hot summer’s day? We don’t think so! Whether you’re treating the kids or relaxing with friends, we think our chocolate sticks are the perfect treat. And the even better news? We’ve got a dairy-free version too, so everyone can enjoy a bit of summer indulgence…


Nestlé Ice Creams

Fab Jam Doughnut Lollies

Looking for a sweet serving of summer nostalgia? Roll back the years with this exciting take on a classic ice cream van favourite. Creamy milk and a refreshing splash of raspberry are joined by the familiar crunch of sprinkle-laden chocolate. And the best part? No less than an exquisite jam core oozing out from the middle of it all. Delicious!

Rowntree Strawberry Lollies

Succulent strawberry intertwines with an exotic flash of kiwi to bring you this beautifully refreshing treat this summer. With their fun novelty design and juicy fruit flavours, these novelty lollies taste every bit as good as they look.

Extrême Mocha Cones

Not everyone wants to laze around in the summer heat! Nestlé Extrême Mocha cones are a decadent medley of creamy chocolate, crunchy biscuit and the energising kick of coffee. Perfect to help you keep up with the kids in the sun.

Mouth watering already? You're not alone! Click here to find your nearest store so you can pick up a few frozen treats.

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