Irresistible Pizza

Wood-fired pizzas inspired by the Campania region


The whisper of a fresh coastal breeze, the gentle kiss of the Mediterranean sun on your shoulders – there’s so much to love about southern Italy. Our favourite thing, though, has to be the pizza, so we’re thrilled to announce the launch of a range of wood-fired rustic pizzas so delicious that even the proudest Neapolitan would be lost for words!



We’ve highlighted our five favourites below to help you work up an appetite…

Pancetta, Mushroom & Mascarpone

Creamy mascarpone is the perfect complement to the full, earthy flavours of portobellini mushrooms and delicately tasty pancetta, all intertwined beautifully atop an authentic sourdough base.

Classic Margherita

With juicy jewel tomatoes laid on a bed of delectably creamy buffalo mozzarella and rich, oily pine nut pesto, this Italian classic delivers a slice of authentic Neapolitan flavour to the dinner table.


Spinach & Ricotta

Another tried and tested Italian favourite, this famous pizza bianca (white pizza) complements rich mozzarella with creamy ricotta and a smattering of luscious spinach leaves.


Salami Diavola

A meat-lover’s dream, this fiery number marries spicy Salsiccia salami, luscious Roquito peppers and the robust richness of ‘nduja with traditionally produced buffalo mozzarella. Get it while it’s hot!


Chicken Arrabbiata

With its signature full-bodied, fiery tomato flavours, the renowned Arrabbiata cooking style is as delicious in pizzas as it is pasta dishes. This hearty choice combines succulent chicken with the kick of red chillies and chopped peppers on a soft sourdough base.



Head down to your local store and pick yourself up a box or two of authentic Italian flavour for dinner.


Buon appetito!