World Foods

When your wallet won’t stretch to a week away in warmer climates, let your taste buds take you on holiday instead.  If you fancy something a little different for dinner, let us tempt you to a bit of continental cuisine.


If you like to spice things up a little, let your fiery side show with Kolee Xtreme Hot and Spicy Instant Noodles for only 35p.  If you can’t take the heat, there’s the sublime taste of Cocofresh Coconut Milk for just 95p. With flavours to savour that won’t break the bank, let us take you away from it all…

Oriental Food

Asian Food


Some like it hot, so the saying goes and a jar of Kohinoor Calcutta Jalfrezi cooking sauce will take your dinner plate on a long haul trip for only £1.50.  When your snacks need a bit of a ‘kick’ to them, look no further than the classic Cofresh Bombay Mix at just 70p.  Also known as chiwda and chanachur in the Gujarat region where the snack first appeared.  


A trip to Cyprus needn’t involve a taxi to the airport, as we’ve a range of Cypressa oils, marinades and garnishes that will invoke the memory of warm, summer evenings with a bottle or two. 

Mediterranean Food

Eastern European Food

European (Eastern) 

Get yourself in a pickle, with Dawtona Dill Cucumber.  We’ve ‘Polished’ an entire jar off, whilst we were writing the notes for the website!  Just £1.70 at your local Co-op.  Let’s Gdańsk, put on your red shoes and grab a pack of Winiary Red Borsch Soup for only 50p. A Polish classic; made from beetroot and prepared in a matter of moments. 


If you haven’t enjoyed the taste of ginger beer in a year or two, try a can of Old Jamaica. Jamaica?  No, she wanted to pop to her local Co-op!  Just 47p for a can of warming, gingery fizz.  For the kool, authentic taste of the Caribbean, try KA sparkling fruit punch. First launched in the 1960s, using an original Jamaican recipe, it’s the King-ston of soft drinks.

Caribbean Food

American Food


Oh, say can you see… what our cousins are enjoying across the pond?  If you’re craving some candy, we’ve got the sugar-rush that you need – with the American Pick’n’Mix Cup for just £2.  For a soft drink that’s American through and through, grab a Gatorade blue raspberry for only £1.50.  You know it makes ‘cents’!

Prices correct at time of publishing.