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Thoughtful Things You Can Do For The Bereaved

Category: Supporting The Bereaved

It’s natural to want to help a friend or family member who is experiencing loss. Often we want to do something thoughtful, but find it difficult to know what is right. If you want something more unique than flowers and a sympathy card, we’ve chosen our most thoughtful ideas you can do for the bereaved.

1.Comforting and nourishing foods

The first few days and weeks after someone has passed away can be a great shock. This can make everyday tasks for those grieving difficult to face. Cooking and eating may become a chore, so preparing or delivering food can be a great help. If you do want to cook for someone, small meals and snacks may be more beneficial than large ones.

2. Self Care Basket

People dealing with grief can find it challenging to take care of themselves. With so much to organize and feelings to process, self-care can quickly go out the window. Prepare a special basket with items for pampering such as luxury bath salts, candles, pyjamas etc. You could even give them a gift card for a massage or yoga class as a gesture for them to take some time for themselves.

3. Relaxation therapies

Sometimes when you’re going through an awful time, booking a therapy can make you feel more human again. Certain treatments can help the bereaved to relax when they’re emotional and stressed. From reflexology to massage and beauty treatments, choose something you know the person enjoys.

Floatation experiences have been known to help people experiencing grief, especially if this is coupled with depression or anxiety. Time in a float pod can help people to deeply relax, support sleep, manage emotions, and obtain greater mental wellbeing. You could take your friend along and float together as a way to support them through the healing process.

4. Save the flowers for later

Flowers are a lovely gesture, however, families are often sent a myriad of bunches during the first few days or weeks after the deceased has passed. Why not send the flowers 3-6 months after the funeral? It will send a reminder to the bereaved that you are still thinking of them at a time they might feel everyone else has forgotten.

5. Personal services

Household tasks like cleaning or dealing with the post can understandably fall by the wayside when someone is ill or dies. Stopping by the house and offering a helping hand with these mundane tasks really shows you care and can be a great relief. Alternatively, you could give them a gift certificate for a cleaning service. Remember some people can feel self-conscious about their mess and would prefer a professional to come in rather than appear they aren’t coping.

6. Inspirational poetry, stories, or books

If you know a poem or cherish a special book, share it with those who are grieving. Giving someone a book with a personalised message written inside is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give. In the months and years to come they may look back on the piece of literature, read your inscription and know at that time, they were in your thoughts.

Whatever you choose to do, remember doing something is better than nothing at all. When someone we care about loses a loved one, words often fail us and we become frightened about doing the wrong thing, but never avoid someone who has been bereaved. They need you now more than ever.