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Corporate responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to putting the co-operative values and principles into practice in everything we do. This includes our approach to the way we do business, which is set out in our corporate responsibility policy . For more detail of the challenges, risk and opportunities we have identified as part of our five year CR strategy click here.

See our corporate responsibility update to find out about some of our achievements in 2016 or click the image below:









Our main commitments covered by Corporate Responsibility are:

  Community - One of the key principles of Central England Co-operative is the difference we make in the community.

  Environment - One of our main commitments as a Society has always been to have a purpose beyond profit and a pledge to protect the environment.

  Marketplace - Read how we have re-invested all those 5p plastic bag charges back into the community with great effect.

  Workplace - We are passionate about supporting our colleagues, members and customers in leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Corporate Responsibility leaders at Central England Co-operative

 Community - chaired by Kevin Crute, Head of Funeral

 Environment - chaired by Danny Flanagan, Head of Trading Development

 Marketplace - chaired by Louise McFadzean, Head of Finance

 Workplace - chaired by Kellee Torr, Head of HR

Each workstream is represented by the chair on our CR Steering Group which is chaired by Tony Carroll, Deputy Chief and Trading Executive, supported by Michael Spencer, Head of Food Retail and facilitated by Hannah Gallimore, CR Manager.

See also:

Social Return on Investment

Why look at social return on investment?  The questions we posed ourselves at Central England Co-operative were: what impact are we having in our communities? Are we giving our communities what they truly need?  Is it all working? And, what data do we need to plan for the future?

To answer these questions and enable us to take an evidence based approach, we worked with Social Return on Investment (SROI) specialist ‘Make a Difference CIC’.  We looked at the social value and return provided by our Community Dividend, award winning SENse to Aspire scheme and local activities organised for members.

Martyn Cheatle, Chief Executive, said: “We took the decision to undertake this new form of robust analysis of our community impact in order to inform future decision making and ensure that we continue to make a real difference to people’s lives.”

Our future strategy for community investment will be informed from the findings from this year’s report. It has identified areas and activities that deliver greater return and where CEC should focus more energy. It has also highlighted the impact that volunteering and other non-financial activities can have on the overall social return.

Click here or the image below to see our latest Social Impact Report.










Through our Community Dividend we redistribute 1% of our trading profit in the form of grants to local community groups across our trading area for projects such as improving school playgrounds, restoring church halls, buying special needs equipment, sporting activities, creating educational resources, building kitchen facilities and much more.

To find out if we could help fund a project in your local community, please visit the My Co-op Community website, here.


In addition to responding to requests for charitable donations in our local area, we hold events to raise money for our corporate charity, as voted for by Society employees. Our current corporate charity is the Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children, which provides support and practical help for children with disabilities, their families and carers.

More about our corporate charity


Preserving the world in which we live is a key part of our corporate responsibility policy, and we are doing all we can to be as energy efficient as possible, and to reduce the waste we send to landfill by, for example, recycling store packaging and encouraging customers to reuse carrier bags for shopping.

More about energy efficiency and waste reduction

We are currently working with WRAP (Waste Resource Action Programme) as a key partner in WRAP’s "10 cities" campaign. We have been chosen as a partner to help reduce household food waste inthe UK’s second city, Birmingham.

As part of this campaign, Central England Co-operative has launched a new initiative ‘Your Food Your Waste’ designed to help educate and engage schools around Birmingham on food waste prevention. 

Drink Responsibly 

As part of our aim to operate a responsible supply chain and develop ethical trade in the marketplace, Central England Co-operative practises responsible marketing and supports customers to drink responsibly and make informed decisions about their drinking.

To better assist our customers in understanding and moderating their drinking, we are proud to support independent charity Drinkaware, who work to reduce alcohol misuse and harm in the UK by changing drinking habits for the better.

Helping to raise awareness of responsible drinking and promote the health benefits of cutting down, the FREE and easy-to-use Drinkaware mobile app enables you to track alcohol consumption, calculate units and calories and set goals to help moderate drinking.

Other innovative Drinkaware projects that can help make a real difference include a new website to support parents tackling underage drinking and a new campaign in Nottingham to tackle sexual harassment in the night time economy.

For more advice, evidence-based information and educational resources, visit the Drinkaware website today.


Free Range Chicken

Keeping our chickens in good health matters to us.  Find out more here.