Sporting Events

The swaying, baying crowd, an agonising tension in the air and the raw, untethered ecstasy of the champion when it’s all over – there’s so much to enjoy about sport! So why not be there to experience it all in person? We’ve picked out a couple of sporting spectacles that are well worth the trip.


UEFA Champions League Final, Istanbul

The pinnacle of club football, this showpiece event is the crescendo at the end of a cacophony of crunching tackles, crafty feints and outrageous strikes. From Zidane’s artistry in Glasgow to Manchester United’s last-gasp comeback at the Camp Nou, the Champions’ League final has produced countless memorable moments for football fans over the years.

In 2020, the trophy will return to the setting for Liverpool’s most famous night – Istanbul’s Ataturk Olympic Stadium. With a capacity of over 76,000, this venue promises to be a cauldron of emotion, expectation and excitement for all in attendance.

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Super Bowl, Miami

As one of the planet’s most famous sporting events, the Super Bowl needs no further introduction to those familiar with the NFL, but this American football extravaganza has picked up a huge following outside of the US, with over 100 million tuning in every year.

This year’s Super Bowl will be hosted at the impressive Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. 65,000 fans will take their seats in the Florida sun to watch the NFL’s best and brightest go head-to-head at the end of a gruelling and exciting season. Head over there for a week or two to soak up some southern hospitality (and sun!) before experiencing the electricity of this marvellous showpiece.

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Olympics, Tokyo

Our pick of the top sporting spectacles wouldn’t be complete without the world’s most popular! The Olympics are the pinnacle of international sporting achievement – hundreds of countries from across the globe vie to swim, sprint and shot-put their way to the top of the charts. With roots reaching back to 776BC, this tournament lands at the doorstep of a different country every four years and this year it’s the turn of Tokyo.

With Japan enjoying its biggest ever medal haul at the last Olympics, the nation will be at fever pitch for next summer’s games and there’s no better place to watch it than in Tokyo itself.

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