For those who like to challenge themselves, a holiday is less about lazing on the beach and more about exploring the great outdoors. We’ve put together a few suggestions for international trekkers:


Semien Mountains, Ethiopia

Tucked away in the north of Ethiopia, not far from the border with Eritrea, lies the extraordinary Semien Mountains National Park. Jutting out proudly against the striking backdrop of the blue East African sky, Ras Dashen – the country’s tallest peak at 4,550m – stands among a range of mountains so glorious that they were described by Greek poet Homer as “chess pieces of the gods”.

With its diverse population of local animals and dramatic gradients, this range makes for an incredible hiking destination for avid trekkers. As you navigate this exquisite park, you’ll pass by families of fascinating Gelada monkeys, herds of wild Ibex and perhaps even the elusive and extremely rare Ethiopian wolf.

Explore the dramatic canyons, yawning gorges and towering summits of these incredible mountains while marvelling at the amazing ecological diversity of northern Ethiopia.

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Inca Trail, Peru

As one of the most famous historical structures on the planet, it’s little surprise that Macchu Pichu features on many a seasoned trekker’s bucket list. Carved from polished limestone by 15th-century Incas, this citadel is the jewel in Peru’s archaeological crown.

You’ll conquer the winding roads and challenging hills of Cuzco’s Sacred Valley, passing the Kusichaka River as you climb, before testing yourself on the notorious Dead Woman’s Pass. With its physical challenges and deep historical roots, this hike up to one of South America’s most revered structures is as rewarding physically as it is spiritually.

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Patagonia, Chile

By nature, most mountain ranges are places of incredible natural beauty. Torres del Paine National Park, however, might just be one of the planet’s most picturesque. Hidden away in southern Chile, this trove of stunning scenery ticks all the boxes for adventurous nature lovers.

Gaze upon the haunting beauty of some of Chile’s most immaculate glaciers, including the surreal Grey Glacier and Grey Lake. Contrary to their names, these natural gems shimmer with colour, their striking blue hue complimenting the clear South American sky wonderfully.

For those more interested in peaks than pools, the park’s eponymous Torres del Paine granite mountains make for an astonishing sight. Standing as high as 8,200ft, these regal rock faces are among Patagonia’s most magical mountains.

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