Our Funeralcare

As one of the leading Funeral Directors, we believe that families should have as much information as possible to help arrange a loved-one’s funeral or to help plan ahead for their own.

Recent studies show that many families now see the funeral as a way of celebrating a loved-one’s life rather than simply a mourning of their death. It can give families the opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of the individual; their character, their personality, their passions and their interests.

Increasingly, families are arranging funerals to capture aspects of a person’s life, with personalised floral arrangements, dress codes, coffins, music and cortege. By looking at the many different ways in which people say goodbye, we hope to help you with your own choices and support you with your funeral arrangements.

We are here to make a difference to the families we serve by providing a high standard of service and care, ensuring we are there to help our clients through every step of the funeral process. To help guide you through the steps you need to take to celebrate a loved one’s life, we have put together a ‘Caring for you Brochure’, which you can download and read by clicking here.