What better way to get into the holiday spirit than relaxing at a local bar with a nice cold drink? How's that for imbibing the culture...


Bruges, Belgium

With its charming medieval architecture and pleasantly bustling atmosphere, Bruges would be a leading contender regardless of the drinks on offer. Throw in the fact that Belgium has one of the richest brewing histories on the continent and you’ve got a recipe for an incredible European city break!

From refreshing wheat beers to a full-bodied dubbel, Bruges is an ale aficionado’s heaven. Enjoy a beer from one of the region’s famous Trappist breweries while taking in the enchanting sight of the Markt Square and its famous belfry tower at night.

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Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is known for many things, but among the most famous is the country’s long-standing tradition of hearty drinking! With a rich tradition of exquisite whiskies and fulsome beers, Dublin is one of the very best locations in Europe to enjoy a drink, so treat yourself to a smooth pint of the eternally distinctive Guinness while soaking up the Irish atmosphere.

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Barcelona, Spain

One of the most famous streets on the continent, La Rambla is the jewel in the crown of Barcelona’s nightlife. This seemingly never-ending stretch of bars and restaurants is far and away one of the most vibrant areas in the city, where you’ll get to choose between everything from traditional bistros to glitzy bars.

Relax with a pint of Catalonia’s famous Estrella Damm or a perfectly chilled glass of Albariño as you’re encapsulated in the heady mix of the city’s buzzing atmosphere, the fresh coastal breeze and the sweet feeling of holiday relaxation.

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